Sheepskinboots2013 ordered boots no delivery

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This company was sponsored on Facebook.I placed my order and quickly realised something was not right by the way my money was taken on their site, no evidence of order or history in account.

I contacted them immediately to confirm delivery!! 20 e-mails later and all's they have provided is one line, very poor English responses, apparently they trade from china. Eventually after I had sent very firm e-mails they have contacted me today to say that they don't have the boots in stock, surprise, surprise. I am £108 out of pocket, but working with fraud investigation to try and bring these unscrupulous people to justice.

I wish I had the sense to order through PayPal and check out these reviews.Good luck to everybody who is trying to get their hard earned money back.

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Sheepskinboots2013 are liars and thieves!

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On 8/11/2012 I bought 3 pairs of UGG's boots on According to their website they promise 3-5 days delivery. On 18/11/2012 I send email to find out where my order was. Since then I have sent almost 40 emails trying to find out where my order is, or why they are not refunding my money. I have had the worse written one sentence emails promising that they are working on order and will let me know. The last week, I have had no response at all.

At the moment I am out 220 Stirling and still don't have the boots.

THeir website give no physical address or telephone number, only an email address, which they don't reply to.

I have been sending daily emails and have also sent emails to "Sitecomplaint" which was the middle man with the payment.

Not sure what else to do, except warn people that this website is a scam, they promise a service which they don't deliver and the won't refund my money, so therefore I classify them as thieves!

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After a week of worrying about my order, I was relieved to receive my Uggs after 7 working days. I was very worried after I seen all the bad comments about this website, but i got them in the end. I think I was lucky and won't be going near this site again.

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